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About Us

 At Michael J. Maddaleni Public Insurance Adjusters, my goal is to collect the maximum amount that you are entitled to for your loss, and I will not settle an insurance claim  until I reach a fair and  satisfactory agreement.  I am so confident that I can do this for you, you don't pay until I collect payment from your  insurance company. 

Insurance claims can be quite complicated. You need someone on  your side that will protect you, the policy holder for your insurance adjustment settlement.  I have over 40 years of experience in the business of public insurance adjustments.  I am uniquely qualified to professionally assess the amount of your loss, negotiate the best possible settlement with the  insurance company representative, and complete the tedious paperwork promptly and efficiently.  I handle all types of property losses including fire, lightning, windstorm, water damage from frozen or ruptured pipes, vandalism and vehicle impact.

Michael Maddaleni Public Insurance Adjusters serves all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.


Once you call me I will secure your property from further damage and guide you to sources for emergency assistance.

I will prepare a detailed schedule of loss and damages to the property.

I will prepare a detailed inventory of your personal property claim, whether it be at your home or business.

I will meet with your insurance company representative, present your claim and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement on your behalf.

Michael Maddaleni Public Insurance Adjusters will take the burden of this disaster off your shoulders. So, when you need someone on your side call me immediately @ 1-978-777-8800 for prompt and personal attention.


I Can Help!


I Handle All Types of Claims in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.


Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

 Just as your insurance company has their representatives so should you and by hiring a public adjuster provides you that leverage. I work for you and you alone and I  will assure you I will get you the settlement you are entitled to as a result of your loss.

When Should I Call A Public Adjuster?

 I should be called immediately after you have suffered a claim so that I can effectively begin to lead you down the road to recovery. 

Why Not Just Rely on the Insurance Company's Adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are trained professionals who represent the interests of the insurance company. The insured can protect his interest by hiring an accredited Public Adjuster. Public Adjusters, with their expertise and knowledge, present a more comprehensive claim which favors the insured which retains a more suitable settlement.

Why Do I Need a PA to Get What’s Rightfully Due To Me?

Technical language when filing a claim can be quite confusing.  Important terms are not even defined in the policy. I have the expertise from representing thousands of insured's who have faced a similar situation. A Public Adjuster makes your life much easier when disaster strikes. 

 Most insurance company representatives prefer to work with an experienced, accredited Public Adjuster.  I am a memeber of  MAPIA, the Massachusetts Association of Public   Adjusters.

What is the Public Adjusters Fee?

 I am paid a small percentage of   the net collectible amount of the claim which is predetermined at the time we are hired. We GET paid when you GET paid. 

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